SWSPD A District Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

About Us


The SouthWestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry is an organization of individuals whose primary concern is the practice, teaching, and/or research specifically related to the specialty of pediatric dentistry. The geographic boundaries of the Society are the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, and the Country of Mexico. Its purpose is to advance the specialty of pediatric dentistry for the benefit of the health of the public. The Society's objectives are:

(1) To act as liaison for its membership in the areas of peer review, health care groups, governmental agencies, the lay public, and between the state and regional components and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry;

(2) To represent its membership in negotiations with purveyors of dental care; and

(3) To promote the achievement of a high and ethical standard of practice, education, and research in the art and science of all phases of dentistry for children, adolescents, and the handicapped, and the continued education of the health professions and the public concerning recognized scientific advancements in the dental and general health of children.

The SouthWestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry was established to fill the need for more knowledge in this limited practice field and for fellowship.

In early 1948, eight dentists unofficially formed the SouthWestern Society of Pedodontists at the Dallas Mid-Winter Meeting. They were Wayne Rose (Wichita, KS), Julian (Tubbs) Raffkind (San Antonio, TX), Joe Peabody (Houston, TX), Garnett Yearwood (Shreveport, LA), Ben Caudle (Tulsa, OK), Sumner Russman (Oklahoma City, OK), Dean Robertson (Oklahoma City, OK), and Paul Taylor (Dallas, TX).

The fledgling pedodontist group subsequently presented a Constitution and By-Laws for study and development, using the structure of the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists as a model.

At the 1949 Dallas Mid-Winter Meeting, officers were elected, the Constitution and By-Laws were adopted and the Society was incorporated in the State of Kansas. The first annual meeting was held in the summer of 1949 in Oklahoma City. It was the beginning of a wonderful professional relationship for the eight dentists. Soon membership doubled in size with more building to it each year. Learning came from two sources: (a) Learned academia group and (b) Informal sessions. The tradition continues today.

Today, the SouthWestern Society of Pediatric Dentistry is a nationally recognized entity. The membership has contributed much of themselves not only to patients but to student learning and adjusting our entity to the changes in professional service structure.